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Mulroney on call

kpicott@alias.UUCP (Socrates)
(smirk, sexual)

Our exalted PM is sitting at home one night when Mila is out of town for a
couple of days, and he is feeling a bit randy.  In order to resolve this
situation he decides to pay a visit to the local red-light district.

Walking to one particularly well-known area he comes up to a lady of the
evening and asks her how much it would cost him for an evening of pleasure.
"200 dollars", she replies, "plus 14 dollars GST".

Since he was not on an expense account he decides that this price is a
little high and continues walking.  A short time later he spies another
young lady and approaches her with the same question.
"100 dollars", she replies, "plus 7 dollars GST".

Still a little out of his price range he continues walking.  Finally he
comes upon another willing lady.  He again poses the question to her.  She
looks at him and asks, "Aren't you Brian Mulroney, the prime minister?".
Hoping for a better deal he replies "Why yes, I am.  Will you give me a

The woman thinks for a second and then replies, "Mister Prime Minister, if
you can raise my skirt like you raised the taxes, lower my panties like you
lowered our wages, make me hotter than my apartment ever gets, take charge
of me the way George Bush takes charge of you, get that thing of yours as
hard as the times, keep it up like the gas prices, make it as long as the
welfare lines and screw me the way you do the public, then mister Prime
Minister it won't cost you a damn cent."

Kevin Picott Alias Research Inc.  110 Richmond St. E.  Toronto, Ontario

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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