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Honest Amad

dan@anacom1.UUCP (Dan Savage)
Anacom CPD, Anaheim, CA
(heard it, smirk)

This story was told to me by my father many years ago, since
I haven't read anything like it on the net, here goes...
A journalist arrived in Saudi Arabia and wanted to rent a camel
to ride across the desert to the war front.  Inquiries led him
to Honest Amad's Camel Rentals in the middle of town.  He found
Amad a likeable fellow and after receiving instruction on
controlling the beast, Amad told the journalist to lead the camel
to the watering hole and water the camel for a seven-day journey.
The journalist did just that and without any further ado, was on
his way.  Five days into the journey, the camel fell over and

    The journalist became quite upset and stormed all the way back
to town and confronted Amad, "Your camel fell over and died out in
the middle of the desert!", the journalist said.  "You did water him
for a seven-day trip as I instructed, didn't you?" Amad inquired.
The journalist responded, "Yes I did, I lead him to the watering
hole and let him drink his fill."  "Aha!" Amad exclaimed, "That
is the problem, you only gave him a five-day supply of water."

    The journalist became quite puzzled over this statement, so
Amad grabbed a camel and motioned for the journalist to follow.
When the two men arrived at the watering hole, Amad let the camel
start drinking.  As the camel was just about finished quenching
his thirst, Amad picked up a rock in each hand and with a swing,
brought the two rocks together with a loud crack, crushing the
camels ball's.  The camel sucked in a mighty breath, inhaling
several more gallons of water.  "That is how you water a camel for
a seven-day journey" Amad explained.  The journalist was dumb-
founded.  He finally managed the stammer, "But, doesn't that
hurt?"  Amad thought for a moment, then smiled and said "yes, but
only if you get your thumbs caught between the rocks."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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