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PC Party Conversation (John R. Andrews 312-996-5995)
(smirk, computer)

Scene: A VERY noisy party.

Person 1: Hi, great party, huh?
Person 2: What? (Remember it's very noisy)
1: Someone told me you have two PC's.
2: Ya, but the damn washroom is always busy.
1: I want a PS/2.
2: Fine, but you'll have to wait till I'm done.
1: Do you have a big hard disk?
2 (Suspiciously): Well, I guess, it's enough to get the job done.
1: You're lucky, I've only got a small floppy one.
2: I wouldn't worry. They tell me the size really doesn't matter.
1: Don't you believe it. Sure you can screw around with a few bytes,
   but to do any serious business it needs to be large and reliable.
2: You sound like an expert.
1: Na, it's only common sense. If you're busy grinding away, and suddenly
   your disk goes down, hell, man, you better be ready to get
   backups and get going again.
2: You must rate pretty high with the broads.
1: Actually, no, at home I have only 300 baud and at the office 1200.
2: Com'on, who you trying to kid? Nobody's got 300 broads at home.
1: Ya, I know that's a pretty poor rate, but when I really want
   to have some fun, I go to my friend's house. There I can
   get 2 kilobaud.
2 (Walking off): Listen, buddy, you're either lying or sick,
  so do me a favor and take it somewhere else.
1: (Shaking his head): Boy, I heard these micro-users were high-strung
   but this is ridiculous.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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