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The Borg meet IBM (Drool Rockworm)
(computer, chuckle)

{ed Trek Parody-of-the-month-club strikes again}

- This is an original, by myself which stems from some problems our department
  has been having with IBM mainframes, specifically their channel protocol...


We join the Starship Enterprise on the way to investigate a BORG invasion....

Picard: "Report, Data."

Data: Most interesting sir, it appears that the BORG have absorbed IBM into 
      their network.

Riker: Sounds like a big problem.  (brilliant Riker)

Data: Actually sir, it has become a bit of a problem for the BORG sir.

Picard:  Explain, Mr. Data.

Data: Well captain, it seems that the TSO and JES syntax have the BORG at a

Dianna: I am sensing great confusion from the BORG captain.

Riker:  With all that computing power, surely they can decipher the commands?

Data:  Well sir, they have all their circuits working on it.  Ever since the IBM
	   integration they seem to have problems with their networks.

Picard:  How so, Mr. Data.

Data:  I will attempt to take advantage of the confusion within the BORG and
	   link in.

Picard:  Make it so, Mr. Data.

Data:	I believe I have found their problem, Captain.  All of my attempts to
		connect have met with a common result, as do all the BORG's attempts to
		network.  IBM has replaced the BORGs communications channels.  All
		attempts at decryption of TSO and JES results in a
		"Possible Data Loss" message.  The BORG is getting frustrated.

		Wait, I'm getting an enormous power reading.....  they are firing at us

Picard: Shields up!!!

Riker:  What was that?  It looked like a tremendous pile of metal.

Data:  I believe that was the BORG expelling the IBM mainframes sir.  The BORG
	   anti-bodies identified them as non-deterministic, and flawed.

Worf:  Picking up some inter-BORG communications sir.

Picard: On speaker.

BORG:  Computing Violation, IBM dumped.

Data:  Their systems are communicating again sir.

Deanna:  I sense a feeling of great relief sir.  The BORG are happy.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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