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Sexual Bigotry (Thomas R. Blake)
(sexual stereotypes, smirk)

Heard from a woman pastor of my acquaintance.  (Not original)

A new woman pastor comes to a small town church.  She is readily accepted by
the women of the parish, but the men have been against her from the beginning. 
One of the women tells her that a number of the men like to go fishing together
on Saturdays, so she asks them if she can go along next time.

Saturday rolls around, and the men are all distracted by having the pastor with
them, so distracted in fact that only when they are out in the middle of the
lake do they realize they've left the bait back on shore.  The men are all
grumbling about having to go all the way back, when the pastor volunteers,
"There's no need for everyone to go back, you just wait here and I'll go back
into shore and get it."  Having said this, she get's up out of the boat, and
starts walking to shore on the water.

As soon as the pastor is out of earshot, one man speaks up.  "Well that's just
great!", he says to the others, "Not only do they send us a woman, she can't
even swim!"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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