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AT&T offers $6 billion to acquire NCR . . . trademark (George S. Kong)
(original, topical, smirk)

AT&T announced on Sunday that they offered six billion dollars to buy
the NCR corporation.  Today, it was announced that the purpose of this
action was to acquire rights to NCR's trademark on the word "Tower".

An AT&T spokesperson said, "We haven't done so well on the desktop
market, but our under- and beside-the-desk system sales have been
good.  We think that using the word 'Tower' in our products will
differentiate us from our competitors.  Also, we feel there's a great
deal of compatibility between our two companies' strengths.  They've
got the trademark, and we've got the lawyers."

The spokesperson also said that NCR's corporate culture will not be
disturbed.  "Our feeling is, 'when in Rolm, do as the Romans did.'"  For
example, in order not to disturb the community around NCR's
headquarters, AT&T has promised to move the entire city of Dayton,
Ohio, to New Jersey.

When asked if AT&T would continue to employ all of the employees of its
Computer Systems division as well as NCR, the spokesperson replied,
"Yeah, right."

DISCLAIMER: the preceeding is a joke. it does not reflect the official
position of any individual or organization. i didn't even write it; it
was sent to me by someone who wanted to remain anonymous.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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