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Re: End of the World (Antonio Desimone)
AT&T Bell Laboratories
(smirk, science)

In article <> (When I'm good, I'm even better) writes:

	   The paper "National Geographic, The Doomsay Machine" which appeared
	  in the _Journal of Irreproducible Results_ predicts dire consequences
	  resulting from a nationwide buildup of _National Geographic_. The 
	  author's predictions are based on the observations that the number of
	  subscriptions for _National Geographic_ are on the rise and that no 
	  one ever throws away a copy of the _National Geographic_.

In a similar vein, yesterday I was reading a collection of essays by
David Mermin (co-author of the world's funniest solid-state physics
text), where he observes that, extrapolating from the current rate of
growth, soon volumes of the Physical Review will be filling library
shelves at a rate exceeding the speed of light.  There is no violation
of special relativity, however, as no information is being propagated.

Mermin attributes the comment to Rudolf Pierles (sp?)

[This is probably just for the physics geeks in the crowd]
Tony DeSimone, AT&T Bell Laboratories

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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