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Layoff Poem, a la Poe (Ken Lyons)

This was written to honor a friend who was recently laid off, though I touched 
it up a bit.  The original poet and subject wish to remain anonymous.  It is
a true expression of the subject's reaction.

At my terminal I sat typing,
Trying hard to fight off napping.
When there came a slight, soft rapping,
Rapping on my office door,
Only that and nothing more.

Then I sat up, startled, freaking
Just to hear a voice a-speaking
"Your presence now I am a-seeking,
Seeking on the lobby floor,
Bring your badge and nothing more"

What is this I'm a-hearing?
Is it the news that I've been fearing?
Now my desk they'll soon be clearing,
Clearing posters off my door,
Varnished wood and nothing more.

I bolted upright, staggered, straining
From my head the blood a-draining
See the hurt and shock I'm feigning
Feigning hurt and loss galore
Pure BS and nothing more

Now the bloody axe is falling
Now the perpertrater stalling
"Personell may soon be calling,
Call you to another chore"
I think, "Right pal, nevermore"

In my beach chair I'm a-napping
Now my conciousness is sapping
By the soothing steady lapping,
Lapping waves upon the shore
Just this beer, then one more...

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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