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Religious? (Donnie)
(heard it, smirk)

 Here's one the Catholic Chaplain at work told a bunch of us the other

      There was this basically-good man who died and appeared before St
 Peter at the Holy Gates.  St. Peter checks out his books and discovers that
 there is a problem.  He says that there is no clear answer in the books on
 where the man is supposed to go, Heaven or Hell.  He suggests that the man
 go to Hell and check it out, so that he may make the decision himself.  If
 he didn't like what he saw there, he could come back to Heaven.

      Well, this man had only one true vice while he was alive. It seems he
 had an uncontrollable desire to play golf at any opportunity.  He had
 travelled the world playing all the famous golf courses.  

      When the man arrived in Hell, Satan welcomed him, but he too was
 surprised at the mans situation.  He had assumed that since the question
 about the man's ultimate destination wasn't clear, the man would go to
 Heaven.  The man could just see behind Satan a Most Beautiful Golf Course. 
 It had beautiful trees, blue ponds, water seperating the fairways,
 everything.  The man fell in love with at at first site, and he couldn't
 control himself.  He just had to play a round. The devil showed him a
 wonderful electric golf cart, a perfect leather bag, a matched set of
 clubs.  Satan reached into his pocket and presented the man with a Golden
 Tee.  The devil then said that only members could play.  The man couldn't
 control himself; he just had to play there.  

      He goes back up to Heaven and tells St. Peter that he has decided to
 stay in Hell so he could play on the beautiful Golf Course there.

      When the man returns to Hell, he approaches Satan and asks for a tee
 time.  The devil says that anytime at all, the man could play.  No one else
 uses the course.  Chuckling with glee, the man approaches the first tee. 
 He gets out of his beautiful golf cart, reaches for his perfectly matched
 clubs and selects his driver, reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out
 his Golden Tee, then frantically searches everywhere for a ball.  Satan
 comes up and the man asks him for a ball.

      "That's the Hell of it" says Satan.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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