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Re: Two drunks (Dan Gordon)


Two drunks enter a hotel late at night. They approach the night-
clerk, and one of them says:
"Could you pleash give ush a bed with two rooms?"
"You mean a room with two beds?" asks the clerk.
"Whatever, whatever you shay."

So they get a key and somehow manage to stumble upstairs to their
room. After fumbling for ten minutes, they even manage to get their 
door open. As they stumble inside, the door closes behind them and 
they are in total darkness. They go forward slowly, and both fall 
on the bed closest to the door. 

"Ahh," says one, "Now we can get some sleep at last." As they try to
rearrange themselves, they suddenly realize that they are not alone
in their bed.

"Hey! There's somebody in my bed!" says one of them.
"There's somebody in my bed too!" says the other.
"Let's get rid of them. We paid for this room and we're going to
sleep in the beds!" says the first.

They start a tremendous struggle. They heave and push until
eventually one of them throws the other on the floor.

"ALL RIGHT!!" he shouts, "I've thrown mine off the bed."

"You're lucky," says the other, "I got thrown off and I'm too tired 
to fight any more."

"Well, never mind," says the first, "Why don't you just come and
share my bed. Let's get some sleep round here."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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