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Author solicits death threats

gordonl@microsoft.UUCP (Gordon Letwin)
Microsoft Corp., Redmond WA

A press release that I recently received.  I've read this book and
liked it enough to buy several copies to give to friends.  I didn't
find it all that offensive (obscene, yes, but not offensive).  But,
I guess book marketing has to move with the times, and if offense sells...

By the way, "Reverend Fing" is wildely rumored to be a non-de-plume
of this Palmer guy...

- - - - - - - -

News Release
February 19, 1989
Contact: Nick Palmer
	(206) 882 4500


   The Reverend Wing Fu Fing complained today that Christian leaders
were refusing to threaten his life because of the offensive nature of his
novel, "Fuck, YES!  A Guide to the Happy Acceptance of Everything."
	"My book is just as obnixious as anybody else's," Wing Stated, "I
certainly deserve a price on my head.  Maybe $4 million is too much to
ask.  How about some MacDonald's coupons?"

    Reacting to the massive news coverage given to "Satanic Verses" by
Salman Rushdie, Wing announced that Waldenbooks, Daltons and many others
major book chains have refused to carry his book for a full year before
Rushdie's Novel appeared.  Also, the Canadian government has attempted to
ban it.  "But do you think anybody cares?" Wing bitched.

   This is another example of America being bested by foreign competition,
according to Nick Palmer, spokesman for Shepherd Books, publisher of
"Fuck, YES!"  "If some of our so-called religious leaders would climb out
of bed and whip good Christians everywhere into a frenzy, then foreigners
would be buying American books instead of American's buying foreign books."


  "Fuck, YES!" is a novel in the form of a self-help book; it has been
highly priased by reviewers in several obscure magazines.  "It really is a
shame," according to book reviewer Talcott Blitch.  'Fuck, YES!' could
pottentially offend millions of people across the world, but it's being
virtually ignored.  Really, there's something in there that'll bother
every special interest group but lesbians."

  When asked about Reverend Wing, Palmer said, "Wing's banannas."
However, he pointed out, the Ayatollah Khomeini's orders to kill Rushdie
have spurred sales of "Satanic Verses" far beyond the wildest hopes of
it's publishers.  "If someone threatens Wing, we're going to put him on
Letterman or Carson, I can promise you that.  This sucker's not going into
hiding.  That's not the American way.  That's for sure."

This uncopyrighted material copied by:
-- gordon letwin

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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