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Sadorandom number generator (Nick Sayer)
Amateur Radio: N6QQQ
(computer, smirk, original)

Pseudo-random number generators have been available for several
years, but have had the basic limitation that they do not look
at the application of the numbers they generate as they do so.
This problem has finally been conquered, and now for interested
parties, a sadorandom number generator is now available.

This routine examines the current code segment and analyses the
exact purpose for asking for a random number, and finds out
to what use this number will be put. It then chooses the worst
possible number possible for this purpose.

This routine is especially useful for students learning a new
language, or for obtaining the true worst-case output for
sorts and the like.

A special modification to this routine will pick the best possible
string of random numbers. This is useful for demonstrating software
to prospective clients.

Source available on request.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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