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Disgusting story from Milwaukee. (Bill Roth)
University of Wisconsin Physical Science Laboratory
(true, smirk)

This story is original and based on a true story that 
happened in Milwaukee in the Fall of 1986 on a Rugby 

It was a typical Wisconsin Fall weekend, clear and cold. It 
was also a typical post-match Rugby party, celebrating and 
drinking regardless of whether they won or lost. Likewise it 
was a typical crowd, a mixture of college students, rugby 
players, regulars and a few obnoxious drunks from off the 

At one point during the festivities, one of these obnoxious 
drunks, comes up to one of the rugby players, let's call him 
Ted, and begins to harass him.

"Hey, buddy," the drunk begins, slurred, "lend be a couple 
of bucks for a picher of beer, will you pal?" He wobbled back 
and forth as he tried to concentrate on keeping his eyes 
focused on his prey, while attempting to look extremely 
pathetic at the same time.

At first Ted tried ignoring him, hoping he'll go away. But 
no such luck today. "Hey, buddy, I asked you if I could borrow 
a few dollars to buy a pitcher of beer!"
"Yea, right," said Ted under his breath, as he made a move 
to the other side of the room in the hope of getting rid of 

But the drunk followed him. "Hey, buddy, 'cmon, lend me 
some money for some beer."

Ted then decided to fix this guy. "Yeah, sure I will. Stay 
right here, and I'll buy you a pitcher." He then grabbed a 
pitcher off the bar as made for the men's room. 

Now, rugby players, as you may be aware, are known for 
thier beer drinking abilities. With that comes the ability to 
manage the diuretic effect that it has afterward. It was this 
ability that allowed Ted to completely fill the pitcher.
"Here you go, fella," said Ted, returning with his pitcher, 
with quite a head on it. "Drink up."

"Thanks you very much, sir," said the drunk, looking as 
grateful as possible. Ted stepped away to get a better look at 
the drunk's reaction, as the "beer" was poured. The man then 
took a big draught from his glass, and a pained look appeared 
on his face.

"Hey!" he screamed, "This beer is warm!"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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