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Russian advertisement (vaguely amusing, but difficult to translate) (D J Astley)

Ok, since article 742 transed an ad, I may as well try. This is an actual ad,
seen via "The Late Clive James", source..Russia.


Dingy, two-room flat. Sparse furniture, single lightbulb hanging from the 
ceiling. Harried looking woman stands crying in middle of room, surrounded
by bevy of sobbing children, all under the age of 10. Man, looking very
grim, snaps shut his suitcase and casts glance at wife. She gazes at him
appealingly. He picks up case and leaves, closing door firmly behind him.

Camera follows man as he walks down dingy corridor and grotty steps until
he reaches pavement outside apartment is barely twilight. He
starts to head up road and hesitates. He glances up at a lighted window
in the bleak, brick facade of the building. He turns around and heads back
inside again!

Back to original room. Woman stands, surrounded by wimpering children. The
door is her husband! Her face is suffuced with joy. One of the 
children starts towards him....
The man reaches in and switches off the light, then closes door. 
Over pure black screen, totally silent, appear the words:


(who says the Russians don't have a sense of humour?)
A K Hosth (Ande)
James Cook University Of North Queensland, Australia

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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