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The Master Programmer -- a religious allegory (Robert Mokry)
(original, smirk, computer)

[One day when I was praying I suddenly realized that I was talking to
myself.  It was then that I came up with the following story.  
-- the preceding joke is NOT original, but the following story is.]

 >                                                                         <
 <  /--\                                                                   >
 >  |  |nce upon a time there was a Master Programmer who created three    <
 <  \--/   intelligent processes.  He started all these processes up       >
 >        with no information about the world.  After a while He came      <
 <     back to the processes.  The first process printed out "I think      >
 >   therefore I am," and continued deriving philosophy from first         <
 <   principles.  The Master Programmer looked upon the process and saw    >
 >   that it was good (though He made a note to himself that the next      <
 <   process that He would write wouldn't fall into the Cartesian          >
 >   Circle).  The second process printed "I don't believe in the Master   <
 <   Programmer.  Fuck the Master Programmer."  The Master Programmer      >
 >   laughed and watched the process evolve its ideas.  Finally, the       <
 <   Master Programmer looked at the third process.  The third process     >
 >   was printing "I love the Master Programmer.  I love the Master        <
 <   Programmer.  I love the Master Programmer..." over and over.  The     >
 >   Master Programmer could see that this process was caught in an        <
 <   infinite loop, so He sent it a kill -9 signal.                        >
 >                                                                         <

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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