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The little red man (David Grayden)
(smirk, pun-ish)

{ I heard this joke from my sister who told it to about 100 people at a camp.
  It can be much longer but I will shorten it.  Feel free when telling this joke
  to make it as long as you want. }

	There once was a little pink lady.  She had a little pink house and
a little pink dress and a little pink dog. This lady sold avon.
	One day the lady was walking down a street selling her avon when
she came across a little red house.  She pressed the doorbell.
	In this little red house lived a little red man.  He was having a
bath in his little red bathtub when he heard his little red doorbell ring.
	"There goes my doorbell!" he said to himself as he clambered out
of his little red bath.  He grabbed a little red towel and put it around
his waist and walked down his little red stairs to his little red door.
	But, when he opened the door, his little red towel slipped and fell
off.  The little pink lady screamed and ran out across the street.  A car
coming down the road and hit her and she died.

Moral: Never cross the street when the little red man is flashing.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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