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Most Embarrassing Moment (Second Hand) (Ashish Jain)
(true, smirk)

Heard this on a talk radio (WWWE 1100 A.M.) A caller (Ed?) was reciting his
most embarrassing moment. Here it goes:

Ed and his friend Joe went into a restaurant with their dates. Almost
at the end of the dinner, Joe went to the restroom only to come back
with his fly open. Joe had to make a semi-circle before he took his
seat. Ed, and probably the dates too, noticed this but didn't know what
to say. Then Ed in an attempt not to make it very obvious said, " Joe
the front door is open". Joe must have sheepishly `closed the front
door'. Soon it was time to leave. Ed stood and walked when he heard
this awful bang of dishes falling on the floor and somebody falling
down with a thud. He turns and there he sees Joe on his back with the
table-cloth caught up in his fly and dishes all over the place.  The
waitress came to Joe's rescue, and she tried to pull `that piece' out of
his fly, but the damn thing did not come out. Finally, another
waitress came with a scissors to cut off `that piece'. While Ed was
laughing away to glory at seeing two waitresses on their knees
struggling to get that piece of `beast' out of the fly, poor Joe 
was blushing blood-red  right in front of his date.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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