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FET (Jinfu Chen)
(computer, chuckle)

Here's an interesting view of the management-worker interface, obviously sent from a denizen of the unbearable white heat of the leading edge of the technicological revolution. Whatever that is.

The Field-Effectiveness Transistor (FET) is a four-terminal, depletion- mode device shown schematically in Fig. 1

                 _____| | 
           MGMT ()____) |--0.5inMKTG 
                      | |__ 

Figure 1 Basic Structure of the FET.

As you can see, the device acts basically as a switch; when the influence of MGMT is removed, a conductive path is established between SALES and CUST on the MKTG substrate. A negative input from MGMT causes resistance to build in the conductive channel. SALES and CUST are isolated from each other and from MKTG, and all three end up floating. This tends to have a second-order feedback effect on MGMT, but does not materially change the device's behavior. The effect of a positive input from MGMT has not been observed and is not known.

The MGMT input is shown on the schematic as a "pipeline" rather than as a single pin. This is due to an effect which causes signals from MGMT to strongly affect the other three pins, but prevents any signal transmission in the reverse direction. Physicists have labeled this the "Shit-Flowing-Downhill effect," after the research team at Solid State University which first described the phenomenon.

The Field-Effectiveness Transistor has a wide variety of applications, especially in the surveillance electronics industry, where it is used for isolation, data encryption and as a noise source. It is also used in nuclear detonators and marital aids.

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