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Jerusalem (Jonathan R. Partington)


 The defendant, Mr William Blake, was accused of acting in a way
liable to cause a breach of the peace. The witness, Police
Constable England, made the following statement.

 "I was proceeding along Mountains Green in a northerly
direction at 4 p.m. last Thursday, when the prisoner Blake
emerged from a house, looking wild-eyed and dishevelled, and
asked me if I had seen some feet anywhere nearby. Suspecting
that this might be a torso job, I asked him for more details,
but he said it all happened a long time ago, and then asked me
if I had seen a lamb in the pleasant pastures nearby. At this
moment the witness Bo Peep arrived and accused Mr Blake of
stealing her sheep. Blake said something about divine
countenances which I did not fully catch, and asked whether
Jerusalem was built nearby."

 "I informed the prisoner that Jerusalem was some distance away,
and offered to direct him there. However he rejected my offer of
assistance and asked for his bow of burning gold and some arrows
of desire. It seemed to me that Mr Blake was becoming violent,
and accordingly I cautioned him to behave himself, whereupon he
demanded a spear, a chariot of fire, and a sword with insomnia.
Fearing that he was about to attack Miss Peep, I took the
defendant into custody."

 The judge, Mr Justice Justice, bound the prisoner
over to keep the peace for 12 months.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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