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Theft with creativity


This is my translation of a joke I heard on a record by a Cuban
comedian, Alvarez Guedes:

These three guys wanted to come up with an original way to commit
a bank robbery, so they thought and thought about it very hard,
not knowing what would be truly original.

Finally, one of them said, "I've got it!  I've got a plan that we
can use to rob the bank, using an elephant!"

So, they got an elephant.

Then they went to the bank and said, "This is a stick-up."  Everyone
saw what they were doing, and they were amazed. "Wow!" people though.
"What a truly original idea, robbing the bank with an elephant!" And
they all muttered praise for the robbers amongst themselves.

When the four outlaws (three humans and a pachyderm) tried to leave,
however, problems arose.  No sooner had they left the bank, than the
police arrived on the scene.  As the criminals ran away with the
loot, the police fired several rounds, killing the elephant.

All three men came running back to their dead cohort, and they cried
and wailed over him. "Oh no!"  "I can't believe he's dead!  "No!!!"
"It should have been me instead!"  They were in hysterics.

One of the police officers saw this strange sight and came running
up to them and asked, "What's all this fuss over an elephant?  You
guys might have gotten away with the money from the bank, but you
came back and risked not only the money but your lives as well, and
for what?  An elephant, no less!  I don't understand this."

Then the leader of the crooks turned to him in his mourning, and he
explained amid sobs, "But officer, you don't understand.  You just
COULDN'T understand.  You don't know all the trouble we had getting
the stocking over his head."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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