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Emperor Charles (Lee Sailer 814-898-6268)
(original, maybe, topical)

I made this up.

Three fellows find themselves together on a train, a Pole, a Romanian,
and an American.  After a couple of sips from a bottle of Slivovitz,
they find themselves recounting the amazing events of 1989.

The Pole says, "In our country, we are having most amazing year!  First,
we are striking, then we are convincing communist leaders to resign, and
now we will have free elections."

Then the Romanian says, "That is nothing to compare with Romania!  In Romania
we have had a revolution to overthrow a vicious dictator, made peace among
the ethnic groups, and soon will have free elections."

The American ponders for a moment before saying, "In America, something even
more amazing has happened.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are in the playoffs,
and Pittsburghers want to make Chuck Noll Emperor.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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