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USSR-US Friendship Watch (Gabe M Wiener)

The following ad appeared in the back pages of last Sunday's New York Times

(the ad shows a quartz wristwatch with CCCP-USA printed at the top of the
face, and a cute graphic of the American and Russian flags shaking hands.
The hands of the watch are the words GLASNOST and LIBERTY.)   

Get on the cold-war thaw bandwagon with the . . .
*but read this ad for an even better deal!

Glasnost is here!  Make the best of it by celebrating this thaw in the almost
50-year-old cold war with Rodell-7's exclusive USSR-US Friendship Watch.
Is it really "authentic"?  Of course it is!  Rodell-7's gifted artists have
designed its colorful dial, symbolizing new-found USSR-US friendship and
cooperation, and with the rotating "second-hand" dial displaying the
GLASNOST and LIBERTY mottos of our two countries.  The exquisite quartz
movement comes from Japan, and for a final touch of capitalist/socialist
joint-venturing, the watch is assembled in Hong Kong, and provided with
a designer case and a very classy black leather strap.  Why not have the watch
made in the Soviet Union, you may ask.  Well, the Russians may be great 
guys and all that, but let's face it:  Making fine watches is not their
long suit.  You might as well buy something that really works and that will 
last you a very, very long time.

The USSR-US Friendship Watch is unconditionally warranteed for five years
(battery excepted).  Even if there should be a slight chilling in the
relationship during that time, you can always put the watch in the drawer,
until things thaw out again.  However long the chill, it won't have gained
or lost more than 15 seconds per month.

We are the exclusive representatives of Rodell-7 watches in the United
States and we are therefore able to bring you this extraordinary watch, 
this outstanding conversation stopper for jusr $49.95.  But we have an even
better deal:  Buy two for $99.90 and we'll send you a third one, with our
compliments--absolutely FREE!  So get with it.  Show your approval of and
solidarity with new-found cooperation between our countries, hope glasnost
will succeed, and get your USSR-US Friendship Watch(es) today!

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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