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Place your orders (Duke McMullan n5gax)

A goodly crowd of the Beautiful People was pesent one afternoon in the cocktail
lounge of a fashionable New York hotel. A solemn waiter crossing the floor
suddenly stumbled and fell forward. A tall drink on his tray, loaded with lots
of shaved ice, was dumped right down the back of a lady at one of the tables --
inside her gown.

She gave forth a mannerly screech, then began writhing in her chair like a
wounded python, gasping and giggling and letting out whinnies and yelps; then
she leaped to her feet, accidently knocking her gentleman companion to the
floor, and she was doing a composite of several of the new jerk-dances when he
managed to get up and lead her from the room.

Another gentleman with a lady at a nearby table new called the waiter. He
ordered: "Bring us two of whatever it was they had."

				- from _Buskin' with H. Allen Smith_
					.c. 1968 by H.A.S.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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