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The Art of Negotiation (Greg Kuperberg)
(true, chuckle, ethnic?)

A mathematician friend of mine recalls the following encounter (paraphrased
here) with a foreign student (the student's lines should be read with a 
thick accent):

Student:  I have come to tell you that I must get A in your course.

Professor:  From looking at your records, Mr. Student, I see that your
attendence was spotty, your homework was very poor, and you bombed
the final.  By the most generous grading policy, you get an F.

Student:  I must get A.  It is forced by my scholarship.
If I do not get A my scholarship will end and I must go back to
my home country.

Professor:  I can't give you an A.  The grades have been turned in.
You deserve an F and you got an F.

Student:  But I have to get an A!

Professor:  Look, if I were to report grades dishonestly I could get
fired from my job.  I can't change the grade.

 ..some minutes later...

Student:  I must get an A or I will be deported.

Professor:  Can't you understand?  You got an F, not an A!  An F!
A fail! Flunk! Zero! Goose Egg!

Student:  Ok, I take a B.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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