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Politics in the making... (Brendan Jones)
OTC Development Unit, Australia

Three young political aspirants, one Labor, one Liberal and one National,
are all in the same Law class at a well known East Coast University.

Each year, they all do the final exam and they all fail.  They do this three
years in a row before they all get thrown out of Uni.

The Labor student kept on giving the same answers to the questions each
year, even though they were wrong.

The Liberal student kept promising that he would have the answers by next
years' exam.

The National Party student just changed the questions each year because he
didn't like the ones given, refused to answer the changed questions,
assisted the Faculty Dean in securing a nice piece of North Coast land, and
finally bought a degree from the Texas Law College.

Brendan Jones
... who's slowly becoming cynical $-)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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