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Jim McMahon goes golfing

sandell@tcgould.TN.CORNELL.EDU (Gregory Sandell)
(true, chuckle, bathroom)

(From the Chicago Tribune Sports pages, June 28, 1989)

"A respectful hush fell over the gallery on the ninth green at Butler

"It was quiet enough to hear a golf ball drop in the cup when, just as
participants in the Pro Celebrity Skins Game were getting ready to
putt, Jim McMahon [Chicago Bears quarterback] became the day's most
unusual hazard.

"McMahon had left partner Scott Verplank to go visit the washroom, but
the quarterback, wired like the other players, accidentally left his
microphone on during the entire pit stop.

"`We all got to know Jim a little better,' said comedian Tom Dreesen.

 "Whereas McMahon broke the sound barrier, Michael Jordon definitely stole
the show in the Beatrice Western Open event...[rest of article not very

The headline of the article reads:  "RELIEF FOR MCMAHON, SKINS VICTORY FOR

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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