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Praise the Lord (Mohan Delampady)

Source: Gurumayi, Spiritual leader

There was this farmer who had worked for so many years without
desiring anything for himself. Finally one day he developed this
urge to possess a horse. He struggled with himself to suppress this
desire but did not succeed. He looked around for a horse, did not find
one satisfactory, so went to the mountains to see the spiritual leader.
To his surprise he saw a horse there. He asked the master if he could
have that horse. The master agreed to part with his horse, but told the
farmer that the horse was a spiritual horse: To make the horse move
ahead you say -- "thank god"; to get the horse gallop away you say --
"thank god, thank god"; to stop the horse you say "thank god, thank god,
thank god". The farmer took the horse, climbed it and said "thank god".
After getting the hang of riding, he ordered "thank god, thank god".
The horse took off in a pace he had never seen before. Soon to his
horror he saw that they were approaching a precipice and he had forgotten
the key words to stop the horse. He started to pray with all his heart
and then finally he remembered the key words. When he finished
uttering them they were standing only an inch away from the precipice.
He was so happy and so very grateful to the lord that he looked up and
uttered the incredible words: "..... ..."
Mohan (Mohan Delampady, UBC)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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