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What you see, is not what you get!

newman@inco.UUCP (Bo Newman)
(true, chuckle)

This story comes from a variety of sources but most recently from
the experience of a very good friend of mine....

The other evening he was at a large local home supply store
looking for plumbing supplies.  There was a young and obviously
very preoccupied woman shopping in the same isle.  It was
apparent that she was attempting plumbing repair for the first
time and was doing her best to figure out just what it was that
she needed to do the job.

In the mean time there was a small boy, about 4 or 5, who from
the looks of things, was the child of this young, preoccupied
woman.  Now this little fellow was trying very hard to get his
mother's attention. He was tugging on her sleeve, pulling at her
purse, and doing what ever he could to divert her attention from
the various valves and pipes to his own plight.  

What made this scene all the more touching was the way the little
boy was dancing about with his knees pressed together and one
hand clutching the region between his front pockets.  It was
quite obvious that this little fellow had a very urgent plumbing
need himself.

This went on for just a short while before the little boy, aware
that his mother was not about to come to his aid, went looking
for a solution to his problem.   

It must have been the sudden lack of tugs and pulls that got his
mother's attention.  When she turned to find her son she was
horrified to see him standing in one of the model bath displays,
pants around his ankles, and preparing to test out one of the
more familiar of the devices.

All through the store you could hear her plaintive cry......

AL-FRED NOT (pause) that one ... it wasn't hooked up.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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