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Dead in the air...
(true, chuckle)

Reported as a true story:

Catherine [a flight attendant] was working a junket from New York 
to Las Vegas. As she was tearing her hair out from the numerous 
requests for drinks, a passenger grabbed her and said, "I think 
there's a dead woman over here. Please hurry." 

As she ran to assist, she spotted the woman - out cold - sprawled
on the floor. Catherine bent down to check for breathing and muttered
to herself, "Oh, God. Lady, please don't die. If you only knew how
much paperwork I'd have to do, you wouldn't die on me now."

The woman's eyes flew open, and she started screaming, "How dare
you! You've just poisoned me with that shit you fed me and now
you're worried about PAPERWORK!"

>From the book "Cabin Pressure" by Liz Harwell and Corylee Spiro
Copyright 1989 St. Martins Press
All typos and any inaccuracies are the fault of the submitter,
not Harwell and Spiro.   Reproduced with permission of the authors.

Katherine Albitz

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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