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Stay straight, Ollie

dan@polygen.UUCP (Daniel Miller)
(original, funny, topical)

Title: "Stay Straight, Ollie!"
   2 years suspended? Probation? Look, you beat the rap, so why take
chances? When you're on probation, you gotta stay clean or The Man 
can come down hard!

   One thing you gotta do is stay away from the guys you used to hang
with.  You gotta understand they aren't your "friends". I know what it's 
like. You'll be out with the boys and someone will say "Hey, man, let's 
divert some funds to Panama" or "Let's sell nerve gas to the IRA". Sure, 
it sounds like some wild times but you can't afford to get caught.

   Stay straight, man. If you screw up you'll find your ass in Allentown
prison. You may have heard that it's the "country club" prison but it's a
bad scene. Forget tennis, cause there are some twisted cons there that
would sooner cut you than give up their court time. You'd end up as
somebody's ball boy!
Dan Miller

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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