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Hitch-hiking the Irish way. (Bring Me A Dream)
(true, original, chuckle)

While traveling through Ireland I was mostly hitchiking [busses cost money]
I found, on occasion, it was diffcult to get a ride [I'm talking 2 hours with
a thumb out].  I figured I need to get someone to stop somehow and if they did
I could get a lift from them.  I couldn't get anyone to stop so I came up
with a sceme that I thought would work.  

I had a sign with my destination emblazened in large letters.  People would
just pass by.  So on the back of the sign I wrote a destination in the WRONG
direction and held that up.  Not too shortly after a car pulled up to tell me
what a fool I was for being on the wrong road.  I asked him where this road
went and when he told me I shrugged and said I was going to be headed in that
dection sooner or later showed him the other side of the sign and asked for
a ride.  Got my ride in less than 10 minutes, every time...

	Mike (I thought YOU took care of the guard!) Sandler
			  Un, Znqr Lbh Ybbx

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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