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Front Page News (Jeff Boerio)
Tg Programming
(chuckle, true)

     "Soviet lotto jackpot features toilet paper"  (various sources)

       MOSCOW - A lottery in the Ukranian city of Stakhanov didn't top the
     $115 million jackpot offered last week in Pennsylvania, but the
     winners seemed happy with their prizes: rolls of toilet paper.

       The newspaper "Literary Gazette told the story of Ira, a girl who
     bought three tickets and walked awat with several rolls of toilet
     paper, a towel and a small bowl.

       The lottery tickets cost 50 kopeks - about 81 cents - more than the
     actual price of mant of the prizes.

       "But don't forget that there are great shortages," Wednesday's
     article read.  "In the city of Stakhanov, except for the lottery,
     one cannot get these goods."

       Other lucky ticket holders in Stakhanov won hens, pigs, goats,
     detergent, and bath soap.

Jeff Boerio -- Tg Programming
Purdue University Computer Science Dept.  

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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