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Fusing along (Evert Wolsheimer)
(topical, original, chuckle, gross)

Clearest evidence yet of cold fusion

Yesterday in our labs we found the most convincing evidence of cold fusion
thus far. The experiment went like this....

Our laboratory rat Freddy was tied down in a container similar to the
one used by Pons & Fleischman. We then proceeded to insert a straw down his
throat, and connected the other end of the straw to a jar of heavy water.
At exactly 3 PM we opened the valve, and the heavy water started to flow
immediately. After five minutes Freddy showed clear signs of warming up,
and at 3:09:47 Freddy EXPLODED...... 

We immediately performed a control experiment with Jerry, Freddy's twin
brother, and this time we used ordinary tap water for the experiment.
Our claims of cold fusion were confirmed by the fact that Jerry exploded
after 10 minutes and 13 seconds, a full 26 seconds later than Freddy.

We are disappointed however in the reaction of our patent department,
they claim they don't think there is a commercial application for this
invention. We completely disagree with them. The amount of energy released
was incredible, based on the appearence of the lab after the explosion. 
Oh well, we can always get a nice publication out of it...  

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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