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Speaking the language

morelock@lclark.UUCP (Joe Morelock)
(sexual, smirk, heard it)

(Here is a joke my friend from Sweden told me (his name is Johan Sannero):)

A young, inexperienced (in more ways than one) business executive for a 
multinational corporation gets his first overseas assignment in Japan.
His first night there a young geisha girl brings up a bouquet of the
hotel's complimentary flowers.  She is quite sexy, our young exec thinks,
and so he decides to go for it. She accepts his proposition, and they proceed
to the bedroom.  During lovemaking, the girl mutters the word "hitakushi,
hitakushi" occasionally.  Being the inexperienced young lad that he is, he
believes that "hitakushi" must mean "great" in Japanese.

   The night ends, and the man feels like he is top of the world.  But it
does not end there.  The girl returns the next evening, and the same thing
happens as the night before.  And always the girl is saying "hitakushi".
He, needless to say feels like quite the dynamo.

   The week is coming to a close, and the exec's last duty is to play a 
round of golf with a perspective Japanese business client.  Both players 
are having a mediocre day, until the 9th hole.  The Japanese man hits a 
hole-in-one, and, our young exec, thinking he had the perfect opportunity
to use his new word in Japanese, yells out emphatically, "hitakushi!
hitakushi!"  The Japanese man turns around and asks angrily, "what the hell
do you mean, WRONG HOLE!?!?!?!?"
Joseph Morelock, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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