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Joys of group music


(Heard this one from my violin teacher)

God was disgusted with the music on earth, so he sat down and wrote a
long symphony. And it had enough parts in it for everyone on earth.
So, when performance time came up, he gathered all the people on the
plains of Africa to play the piece.

The angels lowered a gold directors stand. God himself stepped up on it,
tapped his baton and started the music.

The first movement was long, in fact about two and one half years. But
it was so beautiful that nobody minded at all.

The second movement was shorter, only about two years, but again so 
beautiful and flowing that no one even noticed how long it was.

About a year into the third movement, there was a solo triangle part for
a little shoemaker from Belgium. As one could guess, he missed his
part. The whole orchestra stopped and glared at him for ruining
the greatest piece of music ever written.

God just looked out, tapped his baton and said, "OK folks, lets take it
from the top."
Dave Vollman		att!ihuxz!dwv

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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