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Collection of new benchmark names

rob@amber.UUCP (Rob Adams x5527)
Interleaf, Inc., Cambridge, MA
(original collection, smirk)

Alan Lovejoy ( wrote: It seems that *-h-*-stone has become a standard infix/prefix for naming computer benchmarks. It might be interesting to collect a list of all the benchmarks whose names have this form, and to entertain suggestions for new, perhaps whimsical, benchmark names that would use this infix/prefix.

Stoned Benchmarks:

Whetstone (floating-point)
Dhrystone (integer)
Dhampstone (integer and floating-point)
Rhealstone (real-time/tasking)
"IO-stone" (there is an IO benchmark that uses -stone, but I forget its name)

Suggestions for Stoned Benchmarks:

An animation benchmark might be called the "Flhintstone" :-).

To which many others responded:

RhollingStone |For benchmarking sound generation systems
Sahndstone |For benchmarking silicon (get it, sand) chips
Soahpstone |For measuring daytime cable tv usage
Flahgstone |For benchmarking boolean operations
WhatStone? |For statistical verification of psuedo random
|number generators
Rhosettastone |Natural language translation benchmark
Whystone |Asks the computer why bother a whole
|bunch of times
Wherestone |I dunno, turns the computer into a hairy stone
|if the moon is full? (groan)
Captain Blighstone |Does some sort of micro-mutiny
Sighstone |Relates performance time to how bored the
|operator is with doing benchmarks
Chrystone (crystone) |The operator is thoroughly bored now
Sthystones (Stystnes) |Show operator how messy insides of computer
|is in relation to its speed
Ehverybodymustgetstone |Tests the degree of nondeterminism in an
|instruction set
BhlarneyStone |For Benchmarking Vaporware!
Lhoadstone |Benchmark that is a lhoad of <insert favorite
|expletive here>
Firestone |Where your mileage may vary :-)
Khidneystone |Medical expert systems benchmark
Gallstone |For evaluating medical diagnostic expert systems
Yhellowstone |Simulates a "let-it-burn" policy on your
|computer's memory
Lhivingstone |Benchmark for anthropology in Africa
Hheadstone |Benchmarking of defunct processes.
Shlyandthefamilystone |Measures how "funky" your system is
WhatStone? |The benchmark for voice recognition systems :)!
Cherrystone |The number of novice roots users a machine can survive
BhlackStone |Used to benchmark magic tricks
Schissorspaperstone |A series of benchmarks that can be used to
|prove any machine architecture superior
|to any other
Mhilestone |How many design revisions, i.e. laps around the
|engineering department before the project collapses.
|[ ... or is that millstone ?]
GhallStones |Measures audacity of claims by system engineers
|or administrators or used-car salesmen
KhidneyStones |Measures rate at which you get pissed off by
|vendors or administrators or used-car salesmen
|(right now running at about 7 KS)
Shandstone |A benchmark of the raw electrical performance
|of the silicon used in the processor chips
Stihcks&stone |Benchmarks the number of bad things you can say
|about the operating system per second
Ehstone |How many Canadians, like, worked on the system, eh?
Thunderstone |Measures floating-point speed by simulation of
|falling meteors
Touchstone |Resolution test for touch/screen sensors
Standingstone |Benchmark by iterated astronomical calculations.
|Phase-of-moon dependent. Requires operator to
|wear animal skins.
Lhimestone |Extent to which purchase of system leaves sour taste
|in customer's mouth
Shoapstone |Measures how clean design is
Bhlarneystone |Rigorous test of Irish computing systems
Bhlackstone |Checks magic numbers of files
Ghallstone |Rigorous test of medical systems
Hharrystone |Tests whether an input voice pattern is Mel Torme's
Swhordinthestone |Finds the Once and Future computer architecture
Rhhinestone |Tests for cheap flashy computer architectures
Stonestone |Relative merit of smoke

Brought to you by:

Leonard T. Armstrong, Dave Binette, Donald C. Currie, Myron Deale, Akash Deshpande, Kevin Ferguson, Robert Firth, Steve Fowler, Robert Garvey, Don Gillies, Kim L. Greer, John Hogg, Steve Melvin, Tom Merkel, Scott Neugroschl, David Newton, Daryl Odnert, Robert M. Panoff, Gary Piatt, Renu Raman, Eric S. Raymond, Rick Richardson, Warren Seltzer, Jim Shankland, Neil Weinstock, Ed Wright and

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