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Reagan lives! (offensive to Reagan, Bush and republicans)

(original, smirk, topical)

Since the beginning of time (or American independance) (or Harrison) every
president elected in a year ending with zero has died in office.

Former president Ronald Reagan appears to have broken the curse.  After
narrowly escaping assasination and numerous bouts with tumours on his
nose he is alive and well.  No more curse; the president elect of the
year 2000 can rest easy.

Maybe not!  The only thing stopping Ronnie from dying in office was that
silly rule limiting his presidency to two terms.
Have you noticed how similar George Bush is to Ronald Reagan.  We've gone
from Reaganomics to Bushanomics.  Bush is so like Reagan that he couldn't
be more like Reagan unless he was Reagan!

All becomes clear!  George Who has finally disappeared and Reagan is still
in office. 

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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