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Computer Laboratory, Trinity College Dublin
(heard it, smirk)

Once upon a time in a far, far distant land (France actually), there lived
a great poet.  Now, times were bad for the poor old poet, and his brain was not
all it used to be.  The King demanded new and interesting nursery rhymes for
his children, but all the old poet could do was sit at his desk staring at a
blank page.  The King had given him an ultimatum: write a new nursery rhyme or
lose your head (among other things).  In desperation, the old poet stooped to
stealing a rhyme from the English language and translating it into French,
claiming the credit for himself (sure wouldn't we all do the same?).  Here
follows that same English nursery rhyme translated into French.  See if you can 
guess the rhyme in question (clue: reading it aloud to another person could
help a lot!).

		Un petit d'un petit s'attend a voile.
                                    \        ^           
		Un petit d'un petit a deux cretes folles.

                Alles deux quinze Or seize un d'alles deux quinze main,

                                     /            \
                que dont puex donc the tu que sur a quin.

Havez le fun!!

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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