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Coming full circle in TV technology

hoffman@CS.UCLA.EDU (Jeff Hoffman)
UCLA Computer Science Department
(true, chuckle)

From an advertisement in the LA Times, Jan 20, 1989:

Why Are We Offering Our Nationally Advertised GFX-100 INDOOR TV "DISH" ANTENNAS for only $10

Guaranteed to first 10,000 who respond before February 28, 1989

Throw away your old TV rod antenna! The GFX-100 looks like an outdoor satellite "dish," but works indoors like ordinary "rabbit ears." No wiring or installation! Legal in all 50 states. You pay NO cable fees because you're NOT getting cable!!! You pay NO satellite fees because you're NOT using satellite technology or service!!! Works entirely via proven "RF" technology--actually pulls signals right out of the air. Instantly locks into every local VHF and UHF channel from 2 to 83 to bring you their movies, sports and special events just like an ordinary pair of "rabbit ears." No cable box or special attachments needed! Enhances color and clarity, helps pull in weak signals. Compatible with all TVs from 3-inch portables to giant 7-footers. Sits on any TV top in less than 4 linear inches of space! Guaranteed not to utilize, replicate, transmit or interfere with any satellite signal. Complies with all applicable federal regulations. Not technical razzle-dazzle but the sheer aesthetic superiority of elegant parabolic design make the GFX-100 a marketing breakthrough! At this price, put one on every TV in your home! (Sorry, limit 5 per address. No dealers or wholesalers, please!) We reserve the right to extend time and quantity guarantees.

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