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Searing to new heights (Steven Swinkels)
(smirk, ethnic)

[Ed: A JEDR is an generic acronym for a Joke Ethnic/Denomination/Race. It is pronounced "Jedder."]

A large oil field in Oklahoma suffers a disaster in the form of a huge rig fire. The foreman, desperate to curtail the blaze, thumbs through the phone book for Red Adair's number (Red is a famous oil-firefighter). Foreman finds the number, calls, and is told that Red is unavailable, since he's fighting an off-shore rig fire in Southern California.

Desperate, the foreman returns to the book and finds, listed under Red Adair, a "Red <suitable JEDR surname>," advertising rig fire services at $100 per hour. Since this is CONSIDERABLY cheaper than Adair anyway, the guy calls and describes the situation. He is assured that someone will be on the scene within the hour.

True to his word, within 45 minutes the foreman sees a vehicle approaching the scene of the blaze at top speed. As it gets closer, he notes that it is a grungy '68 pickup, with a load of JEDRs in the back. Without slowing, the pickup drives directly into the middle of the fire, everyone in the back jumps out with soaking-wet blankets, and with intense screaming and running around, proceed to beat out the fire completely.

Red approaches the foreman and gives him a bill for $100 (one hour minimum) The foreman is so impressed, he offers him an additional $500 bonus for the prompt and effective work. "Man, this will REALLY help," says Red.

"Oh?" says the foreman. "How so?"

"Now I can go buy brakes for the truck."

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