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Birthday Gift (Raffie Tordil)
Purdue University Computing Center

    A young man wished to purchase a present for his sweetheart and after
    careful consideration, he decided to buy her a pair of gloves.
    Accompanied by his sister, he went to a women's wear shop and bought a
    pair of expensive gloves. Meanwhile, his sister bought a pair of panties.
    In the delivery, the packages got mixed up; his sister got the gloves and
    he got the panties. Without checking the contents of the package, he sent
    it to his sweetheart with the following note:

    Dearest One,

	This little gift is to show you I have not forgotten your birthday. I
    chose them because I noticed you were not in the habit of wearing any
    when you went out in the evenings. I it hadn't been for my sister, who
    was with me when I bought them, I would have picked out long ones with
    buttons, but she said the latest style is to wear them unbuttoned, and
    hanging down. I had her try them on for me and she looked very smart in

	How I wish I could put them on for you the first time, but no doubt
    many other hands will touch them before I have a chance. I did not know
    what size to get, yet I should be capable of judging better than anyone
    else. When you take them off, blow in them as they will be a little damp
    from wearing them. Be sure to keep them on while cleaning them; otherwise
    they will shrink.

						With my fondest love,

    P.S.  Just think of the number of times I will kiss the back of them in
    the coming year.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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