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Top 10 reasons not to remove me as moderator

petebob@sequent.UUCP (Pete Apple)
Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.
(topical, racist, rot13, laugh, offense=people with no sense of humour)

This joke was not written by me, but complete rights in it have been
transferred to me by the author.  I declare it Copyright 1988 B. Templeton.
Under this copyright, the following licence is granted to most
participants in USENET to decrypt and read this joke.  USENET readers
not on the list below may decrypt and read this joke.  Any attempt by
a person whose name appears on the list below to decrypt or read this
joke, and any attempt by any other person to forward a copy of this
joke in decrypted form is a violation of copyright and expressly prohibited
by law.  Those not licenced to read this joke are:
	Jonathan E.D. Richmond
	David Makowsky
	Nancy M. Gould
	Betsy R. Schwartz

This joke contains offensive material.  Even those licenced to decrypt this
joke and read it do so at their own risk.  Members of the Jewish religion
and semitic races may not wish to read this joke.  This joke makes fun of
racism and people with no sense of humour.

Note also that person #2 on the list, David Makowsky, has claimed that
I was innacurate in stating that he, like J. Richmond, was demanding my
removal.  I apologize.  He did not "demand" it.  He merely said, "how does
one go about removing a moderator," "maybe the moderator should be removed"
and that "[Templeton] is either an equal opportunity bigot or an 
equal opportunity ignoramus."  I apologize most sincerely.

Here it comes: (You really have to wade through a lot of disclaimers to get
to a joke these days!)

	From David Netterman:

	Top 10 Reasons to not replace Brad as moderator:

	10.  A Real Nazi could be put in charge.
	9.  We need just a few more Dan Quayle jokes Real Soon Now.
	8.  A real Pansy-Do-Gooder-Non-Offensive type could be put in charge.
	7.  He'd lose his KKK kickback fund.
	6.  My Mom laughed at this joke, ya callin my mom a racist, buddy?
	5.  Kill 6 million of 'em, and the rest lose their sense of humor. Jeez.
	4.  Where are you going to find another fool who owns his own company?
	3.  This is all cause of War and Rememberance, ain't it?
	2.  Censor Censorship!

And the #1 reason:
	1.  rec.humor.funny:  Some people Just Don't Get It.

[ Note, by the way, that this joke contains an ancient humour technique
known as sarcasm which may or may not be understood by the people on
this list.  (Of course, they're not reading this.) -ed]
[ Note2: I only posted this after passing it by several other people, most
of whom gave it high ratings.  Naturally I can't trust my own judgement on
a topic so close to myself. -ed]

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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