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Oprah the door and let me come in... (Fearless Leader)

>From the San Francisco Chronicle's Personals column of 11/29/88:

Lenore Skenazy of Advertising Age recently asked readers for suggestions for
the next "Geraldo!" segment.  Among their ideas:

  +  "Elvis: What's Goind Down?"  A look into the King's final resting
      place ... or is it?

  +  "Even I Hate My Guts!"  To prove it, Geraldo goes under local
      anesthetic and provides controversial commentary as surgeons
      remove his large and small intestines.

  +  "Nose for News"  Geraldo challenges Morton Downey, Jr. to break his
      nose, too.

  +  "Sirhan Sirhan Is Innocent!"  Geraldo blows the lid off the Robert
      Kennedy assassination coverup by proving that only people with
      three names can be infamous killers, e.g. Lee Harvey Oswald,
      James Earl Ray, Mark David Chapman, John Wayne Gacy, etc.

      Using this theory, Geraldo identifies three potential culprits:
      Sandra Day O'Connor, David Lee Roth and Sammy Davis, Jr.
Steven Swinkels

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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