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You ain't seen nothing yet!

grant@looking.UUCP (Grant Robinson)
(sexual, smirk)

A man is going to work one day and accidentily slams his penis in the car door.
Goes to the doctor, and the doctor says "We're going to have to put a splint on that."  The guy says "No way Doc, I'm getting married in a week."  The Doc
replies "Well if we don't, it's going to be bent for the rest of your life."
So finally the guy agrees, and the doctor gets out a couple tongue depressors
and some tape and fixes him up.

	A week later, and he's on his honeymoon.  His new wife is doing a 
slow, seductive strip-tease in front of him.  She takes off her bra and says
"See these, they've never been touched by a man before."  She then takes
off her panties and says "See this, it's never been seen by a man before."
So the husband whips off his shorts and says "See this, it's not even out
of the crate yet!"
From comedy night at Yuk-Yuks.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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