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Dodgers & Nostradamus

georgem@microso.UUCP (George Moore)
(smirk, original, topical)

Being a Dodgers fan, I realize that I should heed the predictions of 
Nostradamus and know that the A's will lose to the Dodgers. In the book 
"Nostradamus: The Missing Quatrains" is the prediction:

   And in the Eighth year of the Incompetent One
   The Men of the Smog shall vanquish the Men of the Oak
   In a war fought seven battles long
   And defeat the Athletic Men strong

   And the Men of the Smog shall fight in the West
   A fierce war of seven battles against the Bay Men
   And the sphere shall meet the stick many times
   And the unruly northern supporters shall have many fines

   And in the final section of the seventh battle
   A great earthquake shall have the sphere struck over a wall
   And the great Athletic Ones shall not recover the sphere
   And Southern Men shall win the series by one run clear

(This is a semi-original work.  iccdev!mark originally posted something 
similar in talk.rumors back in May about the NBA championships.  I made
up some new rhymes for the current World Series.  You can post in
anonymously if you wish, but in case someone complains, I did mention
this is not a 100% original work.)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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