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You always hurt the one you love

(true, smirk, sexual)

A friend of my living in a duplex has very noisy neighbours. (Especially
during sexual festivities).

Coming back home the other night, he heard the girl from downstairs screaming.

"Help meeeeee..... Help meeeeee..... Help meeeeee......"

Thinking it was just an other fantasy, he did not pay attention. But 1/2 an
hour later, the girl was still screaming :

"Help meeeeeeeeeee...... Help meeeeeeeeee....."

That was too much and he decided to call the Police. They arrived and hearing
the girl, they forced the apartment door.
They found the girl naked, arms and legs manacled to the bed. She was by 
herself in the apartment. She was exhausted but managed to tell them to open 
the wardrobe in front of the bed. The policeman did so and found in it a 
half-naked man wearing a zorro outfit. He had his two legs broken.

The guy had climbed on the wardrobe to jump on the girl. Unfortunately, the 
flimsy wardrobe did not support his weight when he throwed himself from it....

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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