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What do best...

(ethnic, chuckle, sexual)

My grandmother (age 70) told me this joke, original source unknown...

For a long time, Mary had a fantasy of making love with an <ethnic> man.
One night, when she was in a bar, she met a handsome <ethnic> who appeared
to be well-hung, so she figured, what the hell, she'd go for it.  So Mary asked
the fellow to come home with her.

When the two got to Mary's apartment, Mary told the <ethnic> about her fantasy,
and asked if he would be a part of it.  Well, the <ethnic>, of course, agreed,
so the two headed for Mary's bedroom.  When they got there, Mary said, "Ok,
first, I want you to undress me and tie me to the bed!"  So the <ethnic> did
so.  By this time, Mary was worked into a passionate frenzy.  She looked up
at the <ethnic> and said, "Now, big boy, do what you do best!"

So the <ethnic> picked up her VCR and left.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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