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Nasty humor - offensive to women

toddm@tekig5.TEK.COM (Todd Mount)
Tektronix Inc., Beaverton, Or.
(rec_humor_cull, smirk, rot13, sexual, swearing)

As can be derived from the subject line, this joke may offend some people,
so beware...

One night a woman walks into a sleazy tavern, slides up to the bar, and
demands, "Bartender!  A case of Michelob, cold!!"  The bartender looks at 
her and replies, "A case?  You sure you want a whole case?"  To which the
woman says, "Of course I'm sure!  I'm a big girl, just give me what I order!"
The bartender does just that, and serves her up a rack.  The woman starts
chugging the beer like there's no tomorrow, and passes out cold after her

Upon seeing this, two sleazoid locals grab the girl, drag her outside and
into an alley, and fuck the shit out of her for hours.

The next night (you guessed it), the same woman shows up at the tavern and
orders another case of Michelob.  The bartender, seeing the two men
watching her, says, "Lady, I don't think you want to do that!"  The woman
then says, "Hey, if I wanted my dad's advice, I would've asked him!  Now
get me the fucking beer!"  So the bartender does.

As happened the night before, she wound up passing out, getting taken to the 
alley by the same guys, and got fucked silly for hours.

The third night, she shows up again, this time looking a little worn.
"Bartender!," she yells, "A case of Budweiser, cold!"  The bartender looks
incredulously at her and says, "Budweiser?  I thought you were a Michelob

"Well, I used to be...but now it makes my pussy ache..."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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