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Drunken Wanderings (Andy Hall)
(true, smirk)

	I had an interesting Saturday night. With a group of friends I went to a
Pub to see a rock band. Usual story, loud music, smoke filled room and copious 
amounts of Emu Export. Come closing time me and a mate have had enough so ratherthan go nightclubbing in town we decide to catch a taxi home, but the fleet's in
so a cab is either full of marine's spew or horney sailors. It's a clear night 
so we decide to hitch back from Herdsmans Park to my home in Scarborough 
( about 8 km ), no problem.
	But consider this: would you stop for two six foot, more than slightly
drunk uni students in the wee small hours of the morn'? Funny that, nobody else
did either. But with more than half the distance covered and being bitterly coldwe spied food, sanctuary. So we rocked up to the girlie behind the counter and
asked, ( in a druken slurr ) "Do you do home deliveries?  One thin ham & 
pineapple pizza with garlic bread to be delivered in Scarborough."
	And we got home in time to watch "Barbarella" on tele' too.

		Andy H. hag@wacsvax.uwa.oz

[ And if they're not home in 30 minutes, it's free.  Most taxis don't offer
that sort of guarantee. ]

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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