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Last year's news

Xerox, Sunnyvale, CA
(rec_humor_cull, true, chuckle)

LOS ANGELES TIMES, September 14, 1987:

According to a database maintained by Academic Guidance Services, there are
3,000 scholarships earmarked for golf caddies, newspaper carriers, glee
clubbers, and band members.

Juanita College in Pennsylvania gives grants to needy left-handers.

Parents whose children were born on June 12, 1979 can plan ahead to apply for a
scholarship to the Rochester Institute of Technology in honor of the school's
150th anniversary.

Bucknell University gives grants to students who do not use alcohol, tobacco, or
narcotics and don't engage in strenuous activities.

A judge in Seattle uses the fines he collects from prostitutes to finance
scholarships for their reformed sisters who want to return to school.


Excerpted from the Redwood City Times:

The huge Shell Oil Co. toxic waste trial scheduled to gear up in San Bruno this
fall has produced reams and reams of paper.  So many, in fact, that the San
Mateo County Clerk's office has partitioned off a room where two clerks do
nothing but sort and file all those stacks of paper.

They've named their space the "Shell Oil Control Center" and posted a sign
outside:  "Life is Shell, and then you die."


Heard on KABC, a survey was taken at some high school on how the students felt
about contraceptives being advertised on television.

66% were in favor of it.
26% were against it.
8%  said that regardless of the commercial, Pres. Reagan should still send aid

Henry Cate III

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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